What is a Model Release?

Our photographers frequently ask us about model releases for content submissions. We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, so here are the general guidelines:

Model Releases

What is a model release?

A model release must be submitted for any commercial content that features a recognisable person (s). Additionally, if the person might be recognisable due to accessories, clothing, hair, tattoo’s etc., then a model release should be obtained.  You can read more about it on Wikipedia

So why are model releases important?

Model releases help protect both the photographer and customer from any claims that may be brought by the model due to the use of the model’s likeness. By obtaining a model release, the photographer is given the right to use the model’s likeness under the conditions laid out in the release.

Does it matter what kind of model release I use?

Simple answer is yes. The more restrictive a model release is in relation to the photographer’s rights to use the content, the less commercially viable that content will be, you may find certain uses are not allowed.

If you intend to submit any content featuring a recognisable person for stock, please make sure you have a signed model release that allows the content to be used for stock.

What information do I need on a completed model release?

Photographer Information: This must be the legal name on your account, whether it’s a photographer name or a business name.

Model Information: The model’s name, contact information, and signature are required when submitting a model release. Models should fill out their information during (or directly before or after) the shoot.

Did you know: there is a law in Australia that prohibits the use of models that are aged under 25 at the time of the shoot in any advertisements or promotions for alcohol.  That is why on the imagefolk model release form, we ask for the date of birth of the models that are used in the shoots.


Please note that model releases for minors (individuals under 18 years of age) require the consent of a parent or guardian of the minor.

If you do not have a model and/or property release for content which requires such a release, then we may not be able to accept the images submitted.

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