Master image library sites

When you are working against a deadline, you simply can’t afford to spend 3 hours looking for that perfect shot. Finding the perfect shot when bazillions are available is not easy…
Even for experienced image researchers.

So today we thought we’d give you a few tips on how to optimise the way you search on any stock site. Follow these tips to find the shot you need faster than a hot knife through butter and become the studio or office Search Master!


1. The Funnel Technique

If you do not have a precise idea of the image you are looking for, the best option for you is to start your search using broad keywords. Then, gradually add keywords to narrow down the search results. For instance:

Woman young
Woman young dog
Woman young dog running
Woman young dog running beach

You can do this by creating a nerw search each time, or simply using the search within option under the image search bar.

Girl standing in front of blackboard

2. Mastering Boolean Operators

Getting too many irrelevant search results with a keyword? Try using Boolean operators. A Boolean search allows you to combine or exclude keywords using terms such as AND, OR, NOT.
For example:

Australia AND beach will show you all the images which include both keywords.
beach OR lake will show you all the images which include either beach or lake in their associated keywords
grass NOT flowers will show you all the images which include grass and will exclude all the images which have also flowers in their keywords.

Side view midsection of barista pouring boiling water in coffee

3. Using Filters

Most stock sites offer the possibility to use filters. On imagefolk you will find the Search Filters Panel on the left-hand side of the page. Select the different filters available to narrow down your search:

Licence Type:
– Select “Creative” if you’d like to see images that are available for Advertising and Design Uses.
– Select “Editorial” if you only want to see images available for “Editorial Use Only”.
– Select both “Creative” and “Editorial” to see all images.
Click here to learn more about Creative Use versus Editorial Use.

This is a selection of our best RF images so that you can see the latest and greatest from our RF contributors.

– Select “Rights Managed” to view RM images only.
– Select “Royalty-Free” to view RF images only.

– Select “Model Released” when you need to see images of people who you’d like to use in an advertising or other commercial use.
– Select “Property Released” when you need to see images of property (including intellectual property and physical property) that you’d like to use in an advertising or other commercial use. Important: If an image features people and/or property and does not have a model and/or property release, then it is only available for Editorial Use. Editorial Use means magazine and newspaper articles.

Once you get to know which collections work best for you, you can select them using this filter.

Use this to search for male or female only images.

This can be used to filter based upon the number of people contained in the image.

This allows you to filter the for the demographic you are aiming for on your next campaign.

This is a great filter to look for candid or more posed photos, use the “Away from camera” for more candid images and the “At camera” for posed photography.

This can be used to select the locale of the shot, or the style in the case of blur.

Use this to find image with copy space or cutouts, or for fashion find the perfect length of photo.

Select the orientation of the image: vertical (portrait), horizontal (landscape), square or panoramic.

You can use this to find the newest content.

4. Contact Us

We’re the search experts! Rather than spending hours searching, give us a call on 02 8097 2333 and we’ll either help by pointing you in the right direction or, if you’re under time constraints or need someone to do this research for you, our team will be happy to search and send you a selection of images to choose from.

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